Why You Will Need a Medical Assessment for an Australian Partner Visa

When applying for an Australian visa, regardless of which one you're applying for, you and all of the members of your household need to be examined by caregivers. This also includes dependents who may not reside with you and who aren't traveling with you to Australia.

So, what examinations constitute the medical assessment? Generally, a general medical examination, a chest radiograph, and a few lab tests are requested. This normally requires some time and the health care fees will be your responsibility. The results you obtain from these examinations are valid only for a single year.

Why You Will Need a Medical Assessment for an Australian Partner Visa

For the reason mentioned previously, you have to take care not to make an appointment with a physician immediately after lodging your Australian partner visa program. The sensible thing to do in many cases is to wait until you're contacted by your case officer, who (in some instances) won't even have you require a health exam.

If you are pregnant, you might opt not to be x-rayed until after your child is born. This, however, might delay your application for a visa.

There are certain medical conditions that will likely cause your visa application is denied:

– Tuberculosis

– Other conditions that need treatment, assistance or support that the Australian government considers being in short supply, or possess a high price.

If you are applying in the country, you need to stop by the medical care system Median Solutions to ask for an appointment. It's suggested to do this before you lodge your Australian partner visa program. If you reside in a rural area you may contact the Department of Immigration to request more information.

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