Why I Love Max Factor makeup

When you find a brand of makeup that you love, you tend to use it for as long as you can. In my profession, as a wedding makeup artist in Aberdeen I come across people who find that they love different products by different companies, and they always buy what they know looks good and works well for them, even when they mix and match brands. One brand of makeup that has been popular for a long time is Max Factor makeup. Sadly, this brand is no longer in production. However, that does not mean you can not get it, you just have to know where to look. It won't last forever, but it is still out there for purchase, mostly online.

You can scour your favorite stores for Max Factor makeup, but you probably won't find any. Personally, I have used the Max Factor Pan Stik for quite a while, and I can not find anything else that I like as much. It has great coverage and does not need to be reapplied throughout the day. When I found out that it was no longer being made, I went into a panic. I have searched and searched, but have still not found a suitable alternative. However, I did find more of my favorite makeup, and you can too with some simple online searches.

It won't last forever, but there are some online outlets that are still selling Max Factor makeup. I found a few places that had what I wanted in the shade that I wanted, and I bought up some to keep in my closet. I realize makeup is not good forever, but that did not stop me from stocking up a bit. I am going to order some again, as it is still available online and may be for at least six months or until it runs out. If you have a Max Factor product that you simply can not live without, I would highly recommend that you find what you love, order what you can afford, and then be thrifty with your precious stash.

There is going to come a time soon when you will no longer find Max Factor makeup anywhere, even online. That is when, like me, you are going to have to bite the bullet and find something else. Use the time you have in between getting your last order of Max Factor and when you run out to see if you can find something else that you like. Though I have yet to find something, I am sure I will find a foundation that will work as well, or at least close. I have at least six months to search.

If you want something comparable to Max Factor makeup, all you can do it try to think about the qualities you like about it and see if you can find them in something else. If you like the foundation, for example, search pan stick makeup online to see what comes up in your search. You can then try a few of the suggestions you find to see if you like the way these cover your skin and how it looks with your skin type. Max Factor won't be coming back, but someone will step up to fill the void, as many love this brand and are sad to see it go.

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