Vegan make up improves your skin

Due to the increasing awareness about animal abuse, the cosmetic industry has collectively raised a voice against it; as a result the vegan makeup has emerged. Vegan makeup is a kind of natural cosmetic product made from ingredients that are either cruelty free or not derived or tested on animals. Due to bad publicity and increasing pressure from consumers, the cosmetic industry has initiated new production methods and ingredients to create Vegan makeup.


The company can only label its product as vegan if they fulfil certain basic criteria. First, the product must not be tested on animals. Secondly, by the word vegan itself it means that ingredients should not be derived from animals or their by products.

Vegan make up Australia is now showing an increase in demand as people have started using natural products rather than those made from animal by- products. They are environmental friendly with no testing on animals. It promises to keep your skin and planet completely safe.

The vegan makeup products include natural minerals such as zinc oxide, iron oxide and titanium dioxide. Kaolin clay is added to give you a glowing and hydrated skin. Mica is used in the products for oily skin. It has a huge range of products to cater all skin types. The products are reasonably priced.

Often makeup reacts on sensitive skin. But the mineral make up many skin problems can be resolved. Vegan make up is non toxic and will not make the skin dry, patchy and itchy. On the contrary it will rejuvenate the skin and rebuild the damaged tissues.

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