Three Steps To Effective Sales Promotions

1.Target your effort

Promotions bring in new customers, lure customers from the hands of the competitors, get the existing customers to buy differently and excite business at that time of the month businesses run slow. There are things you should decide which one is the most important for your business because one discount or promo codes 2018 cannot achieve all those aims at once.

  • Do you need your former customers to try your business again?
  • Do you want to attract and bring in new customers to your business?
  • Do you need your customers to buy from you more frequently?
  • Do you want your customers to buy in great numbers?
  • Do you want to excite your business during the slow seasons?

2.Plan your incentive

The best promotion offers the following incentives to the customers not necessarily all of them but at least one of them.


  • Price savings which include added value offers, coupons and discounts.
  • Samples to reduce risks associated with trying new products and services.
  • Events to produce crowds, interest and sales.

Price offers should be strong to coerce the consumers, but realistic to keep your business out of danger of going broke. Avoid offering deep discounts to avoid incurring losses.

Coupons are distributed on different websites such as retailMenot and through emails from the business persons to the consumers. Printed coupons are widely used because people have not yet embraced the use of digital coupons or online coupons.


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