Luxury accommodation in Byron Bay

Overview of Byron Bay

Byron Bay located on the north of Sydney is a beach resort. It offers a luxury holiday and lifestyle that people crave. The perfect white sand beach is the significant feature of the resort that has made it so famous. They have fantastic surfing spots. It has some of the world’s best collection of beaches, spectacular views and warm water and excellent waves.


Spectacular landscape

Byron Bay is surrounded by a beautiful rainforest which attracts nature lovers. It stands in the list of world’s best surfing towns accredited by the National Geographic magazine, US. Tweed and Lennox are very close to the Bay and have exciting features as the Cape Byron Lighthouse dominates the eastern point of Australia. One can enjoy spectacular views from this point. An art and craft market held every month is a great tourist attraction.

Byron Bay Accommodation

Along with its beautiful landscape, Byron bay 5 star luxury accommodation is like the topping on the ice. The extensive options for accommodation make it a relaxing getaway. The cabins are famous for people seeking tranquillity and privacy on holiday. They are an excellent choice for honeymoon couples. The accommodation has several facilities and features that make the stay enjoyable and comfortable.

The 5-star luxury accommodation at Byron Bay also includes spa treatments and healing centres which rejuvenates your body and mind. It also offers fine dining, adventurous sports, boutique shopping and live entertainment which makes a complete holiday package.

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