How to pick an indoor shooting league?

For most of us the deer season is over and the weather prevents us from enjoying the outdoors.  This can be a hard time for any bow hunter.  Our thoughts move to the approaching turkey, trout, bass and deer season, but now we are stuck in the house looking for something to do.

I have enjoyed Indoor leagues for years; it is something that I look forward to every year. They give me a great chance to meet other hunters and see how their seasons went.  Also I can hear firsthand how some of the new products work or didn’t work.

I have found that talking to other hunters and shooters have helped me to improve my shooting skills (you can read this article to get some tips).  This is also a great time to try to fix those little problems that you may have with your shooting.  For most of us we have months to fix problems that we may have with our technique.

There are many different leagues that are available to shoot in different areas.  When picking an indoor league, pick ones you that you will enjoy.  Most indoor leagues go for about ten to fifteen weeks.  To find a league you will have to call or go online to see what indoor leagues are in your area.  I have found good leagues at indoor gun ranges as well as archery ranges.

Most indoor leagues are held in large vacant buildings that have been rented out.  The leagues can have many different skill and shooting levels.  In most cases you can find leagues that will meet your needs and your skill level.   I have found that most leagues will have shooters shoot against shooters of the same skill level.

Leagues also give you the chance to talk to other archers that have the same interests as you do.  I always enjoy talking to other hunters to see what they do and do not do to make them a better hunter.  I have also remembered thing that I have forgotten by talking to hunters. 

It is time to go out there and shoot in a local league.  If you cannot find one, it may be time to try to set one up.  Start at the local archery shop then try an indoor gun range.  You will be surprised how many bow hunters still have the bug and want to shoot. For more information on indoor shooting leagues, be sure to check out


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