Different Varieties of Rings

There are various types of rings. Some of them are described below:

Wedding ring

Ring presented through the wedding ceremony which embodies marriage and marital devotion. Originally worn by girls, wedding rings are now worn by both spouses.

Engagement ring

The ring has been given to wear by a woman suggesting her intention to wed.  It is quite frequently presented in the shape of a diamond solitaire. You can have a look at http://marianijewellers.com/engagement-rings/ for designer engagement rings.

Mood ring

It is a ring that changes its color in response to the body temperature.


Birthstone ring

Ordinarily, an easy ring set with all the birthstone of the wearer, or the birthstone of his spouse or husband.

Cameo ring

Twist using a carved cameo at the top. This kind of very old ring was worn by guys. Antique cameos represented gods, Christian saints, as well as portraits. The rock is often made from marble. The contemporary cameo ring reveals the face of a goddess or a Roman soldier.

Posie ring

Ring with a long inscription on the outer or inner surface. It is also known as poesy ring, with regard to the generally poetic engraved inscription.

Ecclesiastical ring

A ring is worn out with spiritual as a sign of authority for clerics. Once worn with bishops or priests of greater position, it’s known as the episcopal ring.