Comfortable Alternatives To a Bikini


Bikinis are one of the most popular types of swimwear in the whole world. But it is not necessary that every woman feels comfortable in it. With time different styles of swimsuit have been introduced and these are designed for different types of body. This is because not every woman has the same body, some may have broader shoulders, other may be petite, some are taller, while others are short and so on. There are many alternatives to a bikini and some of them include:

1. One piece swimsuit

Initially, one-piece swimwear was not considered hot and bold. With time changes have been made to the designs and the style of a one piece suit. There are many cuts and styles available in them now and can easily be worn by different body types. Moreover, they are easier and more comfortable to wear as compared to bikinis.

2. Swim pants

Another common alternative for bikinis is swim pants. These are perfect for women who are not a big fan of showing their legs or exposing too much skin. They are available in various lengths and fabrics. Apart from that lesser amount of skin is exposed to chlorinated water so people with sensitive skin can always opt for swim pants.

3. Swim Dress

Recently swim dress style has resurfaced and is one of the trendiest swimwear of the season. It creates a blend of flirty, playful and classic style. You can bring out your feminine side with the help of ruffles and other accessories. Apart from that, they are also available in spaghetti strap and halter tops.

You can get the above-mentioned styles at any designer swimwear outlet.

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